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Ample Business is a stunning, professional and flexible Business Consulting and Investments WordPress Theme based on Strong researches into the field of Business, Consulting and Investments. It is an impressive free business WordPress theme for professional Consulting and Finance industry, Financial Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Lawyers, Finance Firms, Consultants, Investments Consulting Services, Advisors, Investment Experts, Trading and Investments, Technology Consulting,blog,shop and Business Development Agencies, or other Finance and Consulting related businesses.he layout of the theme has been well-organized and designed with supreme quality. With the unique set of widgets available in the theme, users can play with them and design it beautifully. Different kind of sections available such as Team Widget, Course Section, Testimonial Section where you can explore the information about your services in a professional manner.

Theme Installation

Via WordPress


Dummy Data:

Download the ZIP file of dummy data from here. 

Adding Contents


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How to customize top header info

To customize top header info

How to customize Company Info

To customize contact Company Info

How to setup the slider

For setting up slider

How to setup Our Services area

For setting up widgets

How to setup Notice Board Area

For setting up widgets


How to setup  Gallery Widget

To setup  Gallery Widget

How to setup Team Widget Area


How to setup Quote Widget Area

To setup quote widget

How to setup Counter Widget Area


How to setup Events Widget Area

To setup events widget

How to setup Work Widget Area

To setup work widget

How to setup Testimonial Widget Area

To setup Testimonial widget

How to setup Latest Blog Widget

To setup Latest Blog


How to setup Info Widget

To setup Info Widget

How to setup short code Widget

To setup short code Widget

How to setup Contact us Widget

To setup Contact us Widget

How to setup Theme Widget

To setup Theme Options

How to setup Footer Option

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How to setup counter widget

To setup counter widget

How to setup Site Identity

To setup Site Identity

How to setup Header Image

To setup Header Image

How to setup homepage

To setup Homepage Settings

How to add social icon on Team widget

To add social icon in team widget